What is the engineering Zone?

The Engineering Zone is fun!

The Engineering zone is an area at the Genius Fun Fair where children can learn about the functions of engineering when developing technologies that benefit our communities.

Engineering and its role in developing new technologies!

The three disciplines of science, technology and engineering are closely connected and directly relate to one another. Scientists often use technologies created by engineers to conduct their research. In turn, engineers often use knowledge developed by scientists to inform the design of the technologies they create.

Engineers use the knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice to develop ways to economically utilize the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. Engineering involves a wide spectrum of activities extending from the conception, design, and development of new systems through the use of engineering systems. Engineers often work closely with engineering scientists in developing new technologies.

Human values, needs, and problems determine in large part what questions scientists investigate and what problems engineers tackle. In turn, the technological products of science and engineering influence society and change human culture. Below is a simplified description for each category:


  1. Seeks to describe and understand the natural world and its physical properties
  2. Scientific knowledge can be used to make predictions and generate new knowledge


  1. Develops solutions for societal problems using knowledge gained through through scientific research
  2. Using the engineering design process to produce technologies that solve problems


  1. Creations that result from engineering to solve a need or fulfill a want/desire. An ipad and a pencil are both examples of technology.

The Engineering zone at the Genius fun fair provides fun activities structured to raise an interest for our youth to pursue a career in engineering.

The Genius Fun Fair and the Imagination Expo are organized by Farhad Omidwar, John Davis, Annaliza Fran and the NEC team.


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