Finding the Right Employer Roadmap

One, two, three, four, five & you are back to work

Most candidates are highly skilled in their areas of expertise. An accountant knows accounting as an operations manager knows operations. Yet, both may lack the skills one needs to search for employment. The roadmap© is a trademarked system that affords every individual the knowledge to search, find, and secure the ideal career. Look for a workshop in your area

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5 Simple Steps

Each applicant gains access to the Hidden Step® series and workshops
while paired with a professional Career Coach

Guide to developing unlimited motivation - Step One

Step 1

Ignite Your Inner Fire

The Hidden Step© Guides are used during the Get Back to Work Now classes to help participants implement important job finding strategies. The guides consist of a structured step by step process that leads to employment. It all starts with Step One, Ignite Your Inner Fire.
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Career Planning and Development - Step Two

Step 2

Identify your career path

Being eager to get back to work, the average candidate is eager to create a resume, submitting it as quickly as possible. Yet, when candidates merely verbalize their past by describing a series of work experiences on a resume, they risk conveying an otherwise perfectly matching qualification as otherwise. Register for the next Get Back to Work Now class to learn more about this step.

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Phone interview preparation

Step 3

Prepare for the phone interview

Today the phone interview is a fast and inexpensive tool to screen out candidates. An unprepared candidate can be eliminated from the process, even if he or she has a stellar resume. Many qualified candidates are eliminated at this step when they find themselves ill prepared to handle this step. This guide prepares you to effectively manage the employer call and turn it into a face-to-face interview.

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How to Write a Resume that Works

Step 4

Build your resume and network

Today, the goal from creating a resume is to generate an employer response. Being unaware of how to construct a resume that achieves this goal, candidates submit resumes to which they receive little or no responses to. This step will remedy this issue.

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Apply for the right jobs and Manage the interview - Step Five

Step 5

Manage the apply and prepare for the interview

Today, most employers use talent management software to manage applicant resume submissions. This guide is an essential component of being successful when applying for employment.

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