What is the Language Arts Zone?

The Language Arts (writing) Zone is fun!

The Language Zone is an area at the Genius Fun Fair where children learn the benfits of writing and are invited to participate in essay competitions.

How is writing today important to sucess?

Technology has made life a lot easier thanks to the internet. At the same time it has changed communication. This is an age of communication, where written language has replaced spoken words in many forms. The ability to write effectively is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. 86% of messages sent today are in written form. The ability to convey your message in a clear and concise manner is the key to advancing your ideas.

In mathematics, the language is universally understood and has few ambiguities. For instance, "1 + 2" is always three and there is no confusion when communicating your message. But there can be many ambiguities when writing. For instance, the book "Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat" could mean that the rat itself gets smaller or it could mean that the rat shrinks things. If the author wanted to be clear then the title should have been re-written as "Emmy and the Incredible Rat Which Shrinks People" as opposed to "Emmy and the Incredible Rat Which Can Shrink in Size".

But writing is used in many other areas than just communicating a thought. Writing is the primary basis upon which your intellect is judged by others. It is the medium you use to express who you are as a person and communicate your thoughts and ideas to another person. Writing promotes your ability to pose worthwhile questions while fostering your ability to explain a complex position.

Writing equips you with the communication and thinking skills you need to participate effectively in society. It is a necessity in any career and good writing is appreciated by any profession. Studies by the Harvard business review determined that the capacity to clearly communicate one's vision and ideas is among the top four skills to have when operating a business. Despite this we find more students today leaving school with knowledge of their respective study, yet lacking the ability to write effectively.

The Genius Fun Fair and the Imagination Expo are organized by Farhad Omidwar, John Davis, Annaliza Fran and the NEC team.


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