Who do we impact?

We impact the long-term unemployed by finding for them employment within 16 weeks. Although our programs are open and free to the public, we focus our efforts on veterans and homlessness stemming from long-term unemployment.

Our Theory of Change

The Theory of Change is a map of how we achieve our intended impact. Read the NEC Theory of Change document.

32 Territories and 70% back to work!

Our program currently tracks a placement rate of 70%. Help us service the following 32 Territories.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where every person looking for employment can find one within about 16 weeks. Further, imagine a working environment that is stimulating, supportive, team oriented and fun. You wake up looking forward to going to work, and leave each day missing your co-worker.

Our Projects

We support two projects: Project Hero to Hire, a program aimed at employing our veterans, and Project Hope aimed at reducing homelessness stemming from unemployment.

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Board Members

Farhad Omidwar:

Annaliza Fran:

Mali Eslamkish

Ben Omidwar

Mike Oliaie

Louie Narciso

Impossible exists only in the dictionary.


The courage to lead the way for a better future.


The courage to always tell the truth.


Love what we do, our mission, peers and clients.


You have the power to create positive change.

Being the Best

Do what you do well.

Taking Responsibility

We are solely responsible for our outcome.

Questions and Answers

How was NEC established?
NEC was founded when thousands of people became employed following the 10,000 Best Jobs Expo. This event, organized by Farhad Omidwar and a team of volunteers mobilized many of the fortune one thousand. It summoned hundreds of nonprofits, local, and state government agencies, and more than 800 employers, to bring 10,000 jobs to the Angel Stadium in one day. Thousands found employment that day. The question the team asked was: "If a group of volunteers can make a measurable difference in just one day, imagine the possibilities." With that inspiration, NEC was formed.
How is The National Employment Council funded?
National Employment Council is a non-profit organization and is funded through donations.
How can you join our mission?
To join our mission, attend an event, volunteer or donate.


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