What We Do!

Creating employment opportunities and improving employer/employee relationships

Unemployment can come at any time and affect anyone. It can impact a neighbor, friend, or even a close family member. Today, the employment scene makes it difficult for the average person to reset a minor clitch defined as unemployment just in time; in time to save a home, a car, or a family.

At NEC, we help the unemployed members of our workforce to secure employment in time and before a minor clitch becomes a tragedy of kinds. We accomplish this goal through the Get Back to Work Now program.

We also strive to improve the relationship employers create at the workforce with their employees.

How Do We Achieve Our Mission?

Getting the unemployed back to work within 16 weeks

Through a structured six week program, candidates experiencing long-term unemployment are matched with employers looking for their skills. We acheive this through the Get Back to Work Now program and by hosting the 10,000 Best Jobs Expos.

Improving Employer/Employee Relations

Through the Employer-Impact program, employers create for their employees a culture of camaraderie and team work while protecting their rights under both federal and state laws. This program ensures employers are in compliance with employment laws while improving employee productivity.

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Questions and Answers

What is the main function of the National Employment Council (NEC)?
To return the unemployed back to work within 16 weeks and improve the relationship employers form with their employees.
How does our work impact our communities?
Imagine a future where every unemployed person could secure their ideal position within 16 weeks. Does that sound too idealistic? Find out how
How can I become a part it?
To join the NEC mission, you may volunteer or donate. We thank you for becoming a part of our cause.

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