What is the Math Zone?

The Math Zone is fun!

The math zone is an area at the Genius Fun Fair where children can have fun with math. The objective is to make math fun and arise enthusiasm for the participants to participate in math activities.

Why is Math important to our economy?

Math is everywhere. The car you drive, the home you live in and the computer you use were all built using Math. Some believe the universe follows mathematical laws. Scientists believe that matter, energy, space and time were created according to a mathematical plan.

Businesses use math to track success, families use it to create a budget, economists use it to calculate trends and a waitress uses it to count her tips. In fact, 90% of all professions use math directly or indirectly. Forty seven of the top fifty professions today involve a mathematical foundation.

The Genius Fun Fair and the Imagination Expo are organized by Farhad Omidwar, John Davis, Annaliza Fran and the NEC team.


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