What is the Technology Zone?

The Technology zone prepares our youth for the future!

The technology zone is an area at the Genius Fun Fair where children can learn about innovation through creation. By engaging in hands on activities, our youth learn ways to innovate and develop an interest towards new technology.

Technology creates wealth for families!

The ability to innovate products and services that are valued globally is essential to the future of our economy as they contribute to exports and eventually jobs.

If you observe the American History during the19th century, approximately 90% earned their living in agriculture. The concern that mechanization of agricultural would lead to unemployment and starvation consumed most communities. In reality new technologies in farming improved productivity and eventually led to more jobs. Gradually, Americans were forced to switch to jobs that required new skills.

Since then, new technology has been the subject of debate and ultimately every time, innovation and technology has led to increased productivity and new opportunities. As the ability to product becomes less expensive, this raises the wealth of society. This may be of little comfort for the displaced worker who's skills are suddenly no longer in demand. But long term, that individual and society as a whole generally end up wealthier. Although low paying wages may be moving abroad, technology paves the way for new opportunities.

The Genius Fun Fair and the Imagination Expo are organized by Farhad Omidwar, John Davis, Annaliza Fran and the NEC team.


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