Our Youth

Why it is Important?

Our Youth is Our Future; When They Succeed, We Succeed!

The idea that education has social benefits is not a new concept. As Adam Smith (1776) argued, "the expense…for education…is likewise, no doubt, beneficial to the whole society, and may, therefore, without injustice, be defrayed by the general contribution of the whole society".


Education in the United States is probably discussed as much as the weather. However, most Americans feel that unlike the weather, education is influenced by human intervention. We can help guide our youth's interests and inspire them to make the right choices.

Economists divide the impacts of a person receiving a higher education, into personal and public returns. Personal returns of higher education are those benefited personally by the educated person. These may include, a lifetime of higher earnings, greater job options and perhaps a greater sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Public returns of higher education are ones that the educated individual does not capture personally. An example can include the individual's payment of higher taxes to support public projects that benefit everyone, the smoother operation of the democratic process through a more informed electorate, and a lowered criminal activity within society.

Project Imagination is a program focused to engage our youth with hands-on activities to develop a desire for a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


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