What is the Art/Music Zone?

The Art and Music Zone are fun!

The art and music zone is an area at the Genius Fun Fair where children can explore their creativity by drawing and building various sculptures while having fun with music.

Art and its positive effects on learning!

Over the last two decades, a growing body of research on the arts, learning, and the brain has received international attention. Eric Jensen, the author of Arts with the Brain in Mind, is neither an arts educator nor an artist, but a researcher. Jensen spent decades on his research compiling and reviewing studies on the arts, the brain, and learning. His research has been published in eleven countries. His findings show that arts are vital to educating our children.

Many believe today that arts should be taught every day in our schools, alongside language arts, math, science, and social studies. Jensen considers the primary benefit of participating in artistic activities — the development of complex neurobiological systems. Other studies show that Art improves cognition, creative thinking and even the ability to learn.

Read more about this in the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The affects of Art on disadvantaged children

Disadvantaged children become exposed to agitating experiences, or stress, that eventually leads to cognitive, social and emotional problems such as anxiety, nervousness, lack or excessive amounts of sleep, lack of social, language and verbal skills. Children use art for its therapeutic devices while benefiting their cognitive, social and motor abilities.

Ultimately, they learn at a slower rate and a discrepancy can occur between their age and level of emotional maturity. For example, an eight year old may carry and feel as a five year old. Art games can have positive physiological effects on the brain and on the child emotionally. The Gunius Fun Fair engages children in activities at the Art Zone that help improve their creative thinking and the ability to learn.

The Genius Fun Fair and the Imagination Expo are organized by Farhad Omidwar, John Davis, Annaliza Fran and the NEC team.


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