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What is the Genius Fun Fair?
An educational event for our youth designed to ignite their imagination and promote inner ingenuity for each participant through hands-on demonstrations. Activities are held outside of the class environment organized in six zones: science, technology, math, music/art and language arts.
What type of activities are at the Genius Fun Fair?
Activities include fun science demonstrations at the Science Zone, inventions and games at the Technology Zone, music activities and lessons at the Music Zone, Art presentations at the Art Zone, and seminars on superior writing at the Language Arts Zone.
How long is the Genius Fair?
The event is held on Saturdays from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. Admission is $5.
How does the Genius Fair prepare the participant for the Imagination Expo?
The purpose of this fair is to raise an interest for our youth to compete in the Imagination Expo in one of the following disciplines: (Science, Technology, Math, Art & Music, and Language Arts). Participants can innovate, create, or build to feature their creations at the next Imagination Expo.
What are the disciplines showcased at each zone?
The disciplines featured are: (Science, technology math art and music and language arts ).
Do you have to choose one of disciplines after attending the Fair?
No. The entire family can attend simply to have fun and learn.
Who are the organizers of this event?
This event is organized by the NEC team through a close collaboration with a variety of educational private and non-profit agencies.
genius fun fair

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