Why is this step important?


Preparing for the phone interview before submitting the resume!

This guide is offered on the third day of class.
When your father searched for employment, employers did not conduct phone interviews. Today, however, phone interviews are used as a fast and inexpensive tool to screen out candidates. An unprepared candidate can be eliminated from the process, even if he or she has a stellar resume. Many well qualified candidates are eliminated at this step when they find themselves ill prepared to handle the phone interview. Guide three prepares the candidate with the knowledge to be effective, turning every phone interview into a face-to-face meeting

Bonus| The Art of Influence

What do effective communicators do to be influential? In your personal and business life, every day some situation arises where we need to persuade another person to accept our point of view, whether it is our boss, customer, co-worker, spouse, or child. In this program, you will learn common traits among successful persuaders. This is a skill you do not learn in school. Most people you know possess communication skills at levels equal to a second grader. By the time you complete this guide, you will operate at a professional level equivalent to having a master's degree in interpersonal communication. Your ability to influence employers, hiring managers, contacts, and people in your network is crucial to your search. This step provides you with the skills you need to establish important relationships within the employment community.

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