Step Three
Prepare for the phone interview

If the call came this moment, are you fully prepared...
Step Three prepares you for the phone interview so that when your resume produces the call-backs, you are fully prepared to handle the call.
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"When the call is made, you have exactly 6 minutes to turn the phone call into an interview. This guide will prepare you for that moment"


Prepare for the Phone Interview
& Master the art of influence

You get only one opportunity to turn the phone call into an appointment

The Hidden Step - Ignite your inner fire

Why is this step important?

Suppose the employer of your dreams were willing to hire you and pay you generously if you were able to answer some basic questions correctly during the phone interview. Suppose you knew that this employer will contact you immediately following your resume submission. Would you submit your resume regardless and hope for the best, or would you prepare prior to the call and then send your resume?

On average, job seekers dedicate most of their time applying for jobs using the wrong resume, rather than spending the time planning and preparing for the call. You get only one chance to turn a phone interview into an appointment. Step Three prepares you for the phone interview so that when your resume produces the call-backs, you are fully prepared to handle the call.

Bonus| The Art of Influence

What do effective communicators do to be influential? In your personal and business life, every day some situation arises where we need to persuade another person to accept our point of view, whether it is our boss, customer, co-worker, spouse, or child. In this program, you will learn common traits among successful persuaders. This is a skill you do not learn in school. Most people you know possess communication skills at levels equal to a second grader. By the time you complete this guide, you will operate at a professional level equivalent to having a master's degree in interpersonal communication. Your ability to influence employers, hiring managers, contacts, and people in your network is crucial to your search. This step provides you with the skills you need to establish important relationships within the employment community.

Our promise

It seems like today everyone is ready to offer the unemployed the "silver bullet," but when you actually implement the instructions, you find yourself in the same spot, still looking. Well-intended information not implemented is just that—information—and will not necessarily change your circumstance.

We do not profess that this book will change your life, nor will we promise you a silver bullet. But we guarantee that if you implement every step, you will receive responses from employers. Employers will contact you, interviews will be set, and forward progress will be realized.

Job seekers with backgrounds ranging from entry level to executive management achieve success they never previously dreamt possible.

Now it's your turn.
Download step one, start implementing, and begin experiencing it for yourself.

Author: Farhad Omidwar
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