Step One
Ignite Your Inner Fire

Motivation is the fuel; without it everything stops.
Right now, this moment, within you lies all the potential to achieve every goal you aspire. Watch Video
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"When looking for a career, everyone takes the same path. Just as budgeting one's meals is important when taking a long trip, planning how much motivation your journey requires ensures that you have a sufficient amount during the trip."


Ignite Your Inner Fire
Allocate just the right amount of motivation and you can achieve any goal..

The Hidden Step - Ignite your inner fire

Why is this step important?

Without motivation, your pursuit comes to a halt. A Lamborghini with more than 600 horsepower, without fuel, will remain in place. You may have more than 600 horsepower under your hood and without fuel, you too will stay right where you are.

Have you ever wondered why some seem to get everything they want, yet don't seem to work very hard? Have you ever noticed a person who becomes successful tends to continue to succeed? Are you curious to know why? What common traits do the very successful share?

Following the patterns of the most successful people throughout history, in this book you are introduced to a series of strategies that unleash resources you possess within. At this step, you will learn cutting edge strategies to achieve your highest levels of potential. This course brings out the best to augment your results while searching for your next career.

Why you? Why Now?

We live today in remarkable times. We have advanced more within the past twenty years than we have in the entire history of mankind, providing us with opportunities that were not available previously.

We live in a time where a 19-year-old college dropout can create a 60 billion dollar empire called Facebook in less than seven years. This is a time when an unemployed person with a genuine idea can create a company like Netflix that brings a large competitor such as Blockbuster to its knees. This is an era that human beings have dreamed of and looked forward to for thousands of years.

We are particularly fortunate to live in the richest land that ever existed, a land of abundant opportunity for everyone. Sure times can get hard. Economies change, businesses close, jobs are lost, neighborhoods suffer, but we forget that we have been there many times before. And we have a proven track record for the comeback every time. Americans are the most resilient people any culture has ever seen.

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Of course our environment tells us otherwise. Well-meaning people from the, media, friends, family, and teachers can plant suggestions that are untrue. And they will remain untrue until you accept them and then that becomes your reality. Our environment does a very good job in painting a picture convincing some that the sky is falling. Some people are very good at selling bad news. And believers react to this news as if the sky is really falling. And when we believe it, we start reacting to it as if it was reality. Auto-suggestion has tremendous power.

Decades of studies have shown that when a false idea is believed, it has the same power over you as reality does. The suggestion that age or race prolongs unemployment holds little merit, yet when you buy into the idea, it impacts your results as if it is reality. I hear more people blaming the economy for remaining unemployed than any other reason.
A gentleman once approached me at a seminar to sell me on his suggestion about how his color will keep him from being employed. I instantly thought about an African American woman from nowhere who lost her job at a television station and was told by the station that she will never work again. Today she is the richest woman on the planet. You know her. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. And the last time I checked our 44th president happens to be African American. In fact if you look back in history, you will find that success comes in all colors.

We live in a country that affords more freedom and rights than any other nation. Freedom to choose your career and be in control of your own destiny. People flock from every corner of the world to settle here. We attract the best minds from around the world, and have the best technology, most diverse culture, and richest talent any country has ever assembled.
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This is all true and so is this. Ten percent of Americans are responsible for ninety percent of its success. Ninety percent of the people you meet will not become a success. US government statistics show that 90% of all US citizens at retirement will need the government to support them for basic necessities such as food and shelter. Although the economy changes, this statistic has remained the same for centuries. Which group will you be a part of?

Let's take a look at a hundred individuals at the age of 25; they all believe they are going to be a success. If you were to ask any of them if they want to be a success, they would tell you they do. At that age, there is a certain sparkle in their eyes and life seems like an adventure to them. But, by the time they are 65, one will be rich, four will be financially independent, six will be still working, and eighty-nine will be broke. What happened to that sparkle in their eyes? What's become of their dreams, their hopes, and their plans, and why is there such a large difference between what these individuals intended to accomplish and what they actually did? Most people never learn how to become financially independent in the richest land that has ever been. Why?
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Well the answer is pretty clear. Only a small percentage acquires the keys to success. Have you ever wondered why so many people work so hard without any significant progress? And others don't seem to work hard yet seem to get everything they want. Everything they touch turns to gold. Have you ever noticed a person who becomes successful tends to continue to succeed? Have you noticed a man who is a failure tends to continue to fail?

I have spent years researching the work of the most successful people of the last two centuries, reading over 450 books on this subject, and I discovered something astonishing. This book is about that discovery. I found that successful people share common qualities that are visibly apparent on the surface. But there are three qualities that are not visible, which all successful people share, and which is the key to their success. These three qualities are within us all. The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is that successful people activate these qualities. It is these qualities that enable a person to develop the essential qualities to success.
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Without these three qualities, success is seldom achieved. With them a person can become a leader in any area. Step One is about the three qualities. I invite you to join us on a journey that will change your life forever. I look forward to be a part of your success in securing your next career.

Farhad Omidwar

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Our promise

It seems like today everyone is ready to offer the unemployed the "silver bullet," but when you actually implement the instructions, you find yourself in the same spot, still looking. Well-intended information not implemented is just that—information—and will not necessarily change your circumstance.

We do not profess that this book will change your life, nor will we promise you a silver bullet. But we guarantee that if you implement every step, you will receive responses from employers. Employers will contact you, interviews will be set, and forward progress will be realized.

Job seekers with backgrounds ranging from entry level to executive management achieve success they never previously dreamt possible.

Now it's your turn.
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Author: Farhad Omidwar

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