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Attend the Get Back to Work Now program, a six session program that prepares and matches skilled and unskilled unemployed members of our workforce with jobs. This program is Free and pairs every graduate with a professional job search assistant graduate.

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To complete the Get Back to Work Now program, and to receive both career coaching, and job matching, participants must complete all six sessions. Make up missed sessions here to graduate the Get Back to Work Now program.

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Already Graduated?

Graduates are expected to receive employment within 16 weeks of graduation and are considered an NEC Alumni. As a graduate, you may report your placement here, or if you are still looking for employment, please contact your job search assistant.

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Questions and Answers

How do I get Back to Work within 16 weeks?
It is simple. Register for the next Get Back to Work Now program and upon graduation, you will be assigned to a Job Search Assistant who will guide your through the process. To register for this program, click on "Register for the next class" link on this page.

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