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Within every community, fully qualified applicants experience extended unemployment while employers report difficulty fillling open positions. Systems that prematurely screen out qualified candidates are consequences of technological advancements that expand faster than legislation needed to protect the rights of individuals.

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Employment Laws

View updates on the most recent laws that affect our communities. The last time a law was enacted to address the impact of technological advancements on employment was in 1984. Does technology help employers find the right candidate, fast, or does it delay the process for both the employer and members of our workforce?

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Why should you care?
Extended unemployment stems from a variety of causes. When technological advancements fall ahead of laws that are normally present to benefit society and empower social functions, new strategies to cope with change limit individual rights. As some strategies help improve the way members of the workforce connect with employers, others limit them. You should care since extended unemployment affects your city, county and the state you reside. New legislation is now needed to address issues stemming from the worldwide web's affect on unemployment. View examples
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What laws is NEC currently working on?
Employers are eager to employ the most qualified people in their community. They are motivated to possess a diverse workforce with the skills they need. Yet, this becomes a challenge when online screening systems (Talent Management Softwares) prescreen fully qualified applicants before the hiring manager has had an opportunity to meet them in-person. View examples


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