You are steps away from meeting
your next employer

Employers determine one's candidacy after reviewing a great resume.
A great resume is developed after carefully planning the career path.
Our career coaches assist our Veterans with both.

What does a career coach do?

A career coach becomes your guide to accomplish the following:

  • Achieve clarity by defining a definite career path

  • Build a resume that attracts the right positions

  • Build an employment network and start generating referrals

  • Prepare for the phone and in-person interviews

  • Remain your coach until employment is secured

In areas where time and a positive outcome matter, you always rely on the expertise of a professional.

How does a Veteran get started?

That is easy. Read below to find out.

Why does every Veteran need a career coach?

If time and result matters, a professional who can connect our Veterans with employers matters as well.

Why do you hire an attorney when in need of legal counsel? Or why do you hire a mechanic when your car needs repair? You hire professionals in areas where time and result matter. Traditionally a job seeker did not need a professional coach to find employment. However, today they do. This a change that requires adaptation.

Every jobless month costs the average job seeker thousands in lost wages. We will change that.

We adapt when polariods are replaced by digital cameras and when newspaper classified ads with the worldwide web.

BJM Career Coaches

Most job seekers today are entering the job market for the first time and have not had to look for employment for years and some for decades. Trying to figure out modern strategies that lead to employment takes time and experience. Time, the average job seeker does not have.

Our career coaches live these strategies. In today's job market, a career coach can quickly put the you back on track.

As you are reading this, somewhere in your city a hiring manager is looking for your skills. Can he or she find you?

Steps to being assigned to a Career Coach

A career coach uses the Hidden Step® guides and the Roadmap™ to prepare you for your next career. Authored by Farhad Omidwar. Learn about the Roadmap™

Steps to being assigned to a career coach:

1- First: familiarize yourself with the Roadmap™

The Roadmap™ is a step by step system developed by Fred Omid (Farhad Omidwar) that systematically moves you onward until employment is secured. Career path development, the phone interview, writing a resume and preparing for the interviews are all carefully designed during the steps of the roadmap. See the career Roadmap™ here

Learning how to write a resume that works

Steps to employment within 90 days:

2- Next: Download Step One of the Hidden Step® series.

With guide one in hand, you receive step by step instructions to build the framework necessary to meet with your next employer (each guide is superbly easy to follow with large fonts and lots of pictures). Others who have read the guides will tell you that it takes only a few hours to complete each guide. Guide one ignites the applicants inner fire and enhances one's morale prior to applying for employment. This guide prepares the applicant emotionally for the search. View sample of step one

Complete Step One

Steps to employment within 90 days:

3 - A Job Search Assistant will be notified

After the download of guide one, a Job Search Assistant is notified and becomes your job search companion. Having help along the way while pursuing employment keeps you motivated while ensuring that you stay on the right track. This way we minimize strategical errors during our search for employment.

Steps to employment within 90 days:

4 - Then: Download Steps Two & Three

Guide two focuses on planning the right career path for YOU while guide three fully prepares you for the phone interview.
The Job Search Assistant will remain a companion through these steps. View sample of Step Two | View sample of Step Three

Download Steps Two and three

Steps to employment within 90 days:

5 - You have now completed guides one, two and three

After completing guides one, two and three, you are ready to build the resume. By now, you have built your motivation (guide one), achieved clarity by defining the right career path (guide two), and fully prepared for the phone interview (guide three). The urge for some is to skip guides one, two and three and move directly to guide four (building the resume). A resume composed without the first three guides will blend anyone (like a snowflake) with millions of others following the same steps. Guides one through three ensure that the resumes created stand out when forwarded to an employer and employment is secured quickly. What do you mean by snowflake?

Complete steps of the Roadmap

Steps to employment within 90 days:

6 - Finally: You begin steps four & five (creating your resume and preparing for the face-to-face interviews) and a career coach will be assigned to assist you.

Every week, you get to join a career coach live online on a Q&A call with your fellow program participants. We'll talk about where you are and what you're doing. You can ask any question and get an answer from the coach while others listen. We find that there's tremendous benefit in this group dynamic! Applicants learn more from each other than they do from an individual session! If for some reason applicants can't make the Q&A call, No worries. We record them and share the recording with applicants so they can listen in on their own time.
View the Sample for the Hidden Step Four

Assigned to employment Coach

Ok, it is time.

Enough waiting for something to happen. Here is your chance to make it happen. Download Step One to get started. We are providing you with a promo-code so you can download the first guide complimentary.

Enter your promo-code and start the process that can lead you to your next career.
A job search assistant is waiting to connect you with your next employer.


Success ratio: 92%
Approximate length of time to secure employment: 90 days



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