Interview Graduates of the Get Back to Work Now program

Every month, hundreds of qualified candidates graduate from a six week session. Sessions are designed to prepare each candidate to best communicate their candidacy during the interview. Graduates with qualifications matching your job descriptions are encouraged to apply for your open positions. Employers donate $249 annually to the program and receive unlimited access to interview graduates.

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The National Employment Council sponsors the largest Career Expo hosted in your area. This event attracts over 10,000 jobs and each year thousands of candidates register to meet with hiring managers in-person.

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Questions and Answers

How Does the NEC Program Get Us Candidates to Interview?
Our Career Coaches are experts at getting job seekers back to work. We work with members of our workforce from every sector of the economy in your area. We train and match candidates with your jobs. By completing the Get Back to Work Now project, graduates are assigned to a career coach and are guided through the process of finding employment.
Is there a cost?
No, the Get Back to Work Now program is free to both job seekers and employers.
How does NEC get its funding?
The National Employment Council is a non-profit organization and receives its funding from donations.

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