Membership Has Its Privileges

Everything you need to get back to work quickly

Donate to Project Hope or Hero to Hire and receive a 12 month membership

Membership includes 12 month access to a career coach, printable copies of the Hidden Step Collection and free admission to all NEC events.

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Membership has its privileges

One, Two, Three, Four, Five and you are back to work!

"First you learn the rules of the game. And then you play better than anyone else." Albert Einstein

When you become a member, a career coach will guide you along the roadmap with the aim of securing employment within 16 weeks. Your membership is a tax deductible donation that will help support your choice of Project Hero to Hire or Project Hope.

Membership Includes:

- Copy of the Hidden Step Series

- One year of career coaching Learn more
- Job matching assistance

- Thousands of resume samples from almost every industry

- Free ticket to all NEC events

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Your Membership Includes
A Free Set of The Hidden Step Series

One guide for each step | All guides can be completed within 7 hours. The average person finds employment within 90 days.the-hidden-step-series

Change occurs in an instant!

Finding your next career is no longer a two step process.

Preparing a resume (step one), and applying (step two) only blends you in with thousands
of others following the same two steps. Today securing your next career involves five steps.

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Guide One

Following the patterns of the most successful people throughout history, you are introduced to a series of strategies that will gently invigorate inner emotions within you turning you into someone who becomes absolutely unstoppable.

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Guide Two

Step Two allows you to build the right career path FOR YOU, so that your resume communicates the correct message, attracting employers to your resume.

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Guide Three

Step Three prepares you for the phone interview so that when your resume produces the call-backs, you are fully prepared to handle the call.

This step includes a bonus edition. Your ability to influence employers and hiring managers is crucial to your search. Gain the skill to establish important relationships within the employment community.

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Guide Four

Your resume has a job to do. Its job is to get the phone ringing. Is your phone ringing? Are employers you want to work for calling you? This course will show you how to build a resume that gets the phone ringing and a structured process to build a powerful network.

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Guide Five

Step Five prepares you for the Apply and the big event, the interview. This step goes beyond some common interview tactics and responses.
With this guide, you receive the knowledge to win every interview.

How long does it take?
"I need to get a job, Now."

Secure employment quickly |Find and settle into your next career within 45 to 90 Days

The average person on this program experiences results within weeks.

5 simple steps will provide you with the know-how to produce a resume that draws employers to call you and the confidence to turn phone interviews into appointments, and appointments into offers.

The series allows you to achieve amazing clarity by first defining your career path. Next the series move you to achieve a new found sense of hope by creating a resume that leads you to more interviews (Guides by Farhad Omidwar).

Resume knowledge

"I downloaded the books and within 20 days I was working. This was the most inspiring !"
Larry Saunders - Autocad Drafter Found employment with an engineering firm within 20 days of downloading the Hidden Steps


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